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ABO was founded in 1985 with the sole production of metal jacketed gaskets, but 1999 can be regarded as an important turning point in the history of our company.

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We firmly believe in the importance of continuous research for up-dated construction materials having increasingly better performance.

Manufacturing gaskets

Metal jacketed gasket - Abo guarnizioni
Metal jacketed gasket

Metal Jacketed gaskets are composed of a metal jacket and a soft filler.

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Spiral wound gasket - Abo guarnizioni
Spiral wound gasket

Spiral Wound gaskets are composed of a Stainless Steel metal winding and a soft filler material.

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Kammprofile gasket - Abo guarnizioni
Kammprofile gaskets

Kammprofile gaskets are composed of a metal core with layers on both sides.

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Ring joint gasket - Abo guarnizioni
Ring joint gasket

Ring type joint gaskets are used where there are very high pressures and temperatures.

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Machined gasket - Abo guarnizioni
Machined gasket

Machined gaskets are used where there are very high pressures and temperatures.

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Weld ring gasket - Abo guarnizioni
Weld ring gasket

Weld ring gaskets are available in standard or customized dimensions for heat exchangers or pressure vessels.

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Flat gasket - Abo guarnizioni
Flat gasket

Asbestos-free flat gaskets are obtained from a flat sheet material.

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Plugs & Washers - Abo guarnizioni
Oil & Gas components

We produce standard and special equipment according to customer’s drawings and specifications.

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Baffle seal - Abo guarnizioni
Baffle seal

It’s a special seal, made from 1.4571 (316Ti) strips both for the lamellae supports and for the lamellas themselves.

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Abo guarnizioni - Made in Italy
Abo guarnizioni - Made in Italy

Hand crafted

Made in Italy

Our approach integrated with a professional commitment to product quality assures our customers unmatched sealing realiability

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